Our Values


Our Vision

Itereo aims to improve the way travelers connect to their holidays. We continuously look for ways to improve and simplify the travel supply chain, creating and maintaining an open market platform to empower and connect DMCs, (online) travel agents and travelers alike.

We build open, respectful and honest relationships

We value strong, positive relationships in all areas: managers, co-workers, team members, customers and providers. We simply accomplish more that way

We treat each other with respect; we inspire, complement and help each other; 
we trust and are open-minded with each other; 
we speak constructively of our co-workers, our job, our company, customers and providers; we respect personal differences and values; we find solutions rather then problems.

We are a team and a family

We want to create an environment that inspires synergy, solidarity, is warm, supportive and understanding

We contribute fully to the activities of the team; we step in and help each other out; we share information and resources with each other and work out conflicts directly.

We do the right thing

We understand we form part of a bigger picture and contribute to the greater good

We take pride in our service and in our partners; we believe in supporting local economies, second chances and long-term relationships; we are fair, positive and open-minded with our clients, even under the most difficult situations.

We share our passion about travel and IT (and food!)

Even though we operate in different countries, we meet often, online and in person and we share about our passions. This is what keeps us going, always

We look each other in the eye
 and say things as they are; we share our passions and 
we co-create; 
we connect, learn and adjust our paradigms.

We build bridges

We have very diverse backgrounds, ideas and perspectives and believe by building bridges between our cultures we will learn, understand and essentially become better people 

By building bridges and better understanding cultural differences, we will learn to understand our customers and help them understand us.We will listen with an open mind, even if language and habits form a barrier; we will take the challenge of building the bridge between our cultures; we communicate clearly and concisely.

We plan and accomplish our goals

We work on setting and keeping clear objectives, well understood and clearly communicated. We will work every day with this in mind

We set clear objectives and prioritize our work; we communicate and evaluate progress to reach our common goals; We hold ourselves and each other accountable in our deadlines.

We embrace and drive change

‘The only constant in life is change ‘

Being part of a small, ambitious, growing company means that change is a constant. Our environment is changing, our customers are changing and essentially our business model is changing. Embracing and driving change helps us grow and stay ahead of our competition.

We demonstrate a willingness to experiment and try new things
; we are creative in our approach to problems
 and encourage creativity
; we adapt plans and reprioritize tasks as circumstances change
; we look for ways to make change work rather than objecting or resisting.

We go the extra mile

We have got your back at all times

We listen attentively to what our customer needs
; we keep our clients informed at all times; we communicate accurate and timely
; we will go the extra mile for each other and support our team in whichever way we can.

We aspire growth, both personally and professionally

In an ever-changing environment there are many opportunities for growth. Our goal is to grow and exceed our own expectations. We lead by example, listen to our teams, and encourage creative ideas

We constantly re-evaluate our own skills and capabilities; we learn from failure and move on
. We challenge and stretch ourselves
; we use every assignment to learn; we are open to criticism and willing to learn from it.

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